Hormone Replacement Therapy, What To Expect?

The goal is to feel better as soon as possible

With hormone replacement therapy, the goal is to feel better as soon as possible.

We realize that is miserable to put up with the symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, night sweats, or anxiety.

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When we are younger our hormones are naturally elevated in our bodies, making us feel great! We are at peak performance with those higher hormones. However, as we get older our hormones begin to drop. With this drop in hormones, we begin to feel more sluggish, and our performance during day-to-day tasks tends to drop as well.

At Hormones by Design, we start by listening to your symptoms and drawing your blood to determine your current level of hormones.  We then create a specific bio-identical hormone combination to help replace your hormones.  With the correct hormone prescription, you will begin to see a decrease in symptoms.

Most women first notice a decrease in hot flashes and night sweats.  Then they begin to see an increase in energy.  All the other symptoms begin to decrease or go away as well after a few weeks. 

We specialize in bio-identical hormones here at Hormones by Design and are accepting new patients in all 3 of our locations.  We look forward to helping you achieve the best health possible.

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